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Allocations Policy Consultation

Rykneld Homes, together with the Council, are consulting on changes to the current Allocations Policy. The Consultation ends on Wednesday 28 February 2018.

The main changes under consideration are highlighted in bold text:


The priority given to homeless applicants to comply with new legislation from April 2018.

For statutorily homeless applicants, where the Council has accepted a duty to accommodate, an agreement must be in place, and payments made towards their outstanding tenancy charges for a minimum period of at least 6 weeks before they would normally be admitted to the register and an offer of accommodation made, however each case will be considered on its merits.

Any person who considered themselves homeless or threatened with homelessness will be referred to the Council’s Housing Options Team who will carry out the investigations and assessments of the applicant. Once complete the team will inform Rykneld Homes’ Chioce Move Team of the priority banding, eligible property criteria and required area to enable the housing application to be registered.

Band One – Emergency / Very Urgent Need

*  Statutory Homelessness following investigation by the Council’s Housing Options Team

Band Two – Urgent Need

*  Prevention of Homelessness measures following investigations by the Council’s Housing Options Team

Band Three – Moderate Needs (no time limit)

*  Priority Homeless but no local connection following investigation by the Council’s Housing Options Team

*  No fixed abode / Sofa Surfing following investigation by the Council’s Housing Options Team

Band Four – General Needs (no time limit)

*  Homeless but no local connection AND no priority following investigation by the Council’s Housing Options Team

An offer of accommodation may be made to Homeless applicants placed in priority bands 1 and 2 in order to meet the statutory homelessness duty. The offer must be one which is appropriate under the The Homelessness (Suitability of Accommodation) (England) Order 2012.

Priority Band 1 will be subject to a full review after 3 months with close monitoring between reviews, however homeless applicants will be reviewed in accordance with legislation stated in the Homeless Reduction Act 2017.


A person's ability to afford a property - linked to the number of bedrooms that applicants will be eligible for.

Applicants will be assessed to determine what size properties are affordable and will be registered to bid for the assessed property type, for example:

*  Applicants not being able to bid on a property which they will be under occupying, therefore alleviating the under occupation charge.

In extenuating circumstances restrictions may not apply, for example, but not exhaustive:

*  Lack of properties within the assessed size criteria

*  Applicants with a medical priority / in need of an adapted property

No applicants will be treated less favourably if they are in receipt of benefits to help with their housing costs.

Applicants deemed able to afford the rental and associated housing costs will not be restricted and will be able to bid on properties in accordance with the current policy. Rykneld Homes will carry out the assessments and use their own discretion.


Customers seeking to transfer from one Rykneld property to another.

Existing Council and Housing Association Tenants who have moved twice or more in the past 24 months with no priority may not be registered (assessments will be carried out to look for any extenuating circumstances and may be registered at Rykneld Homes discretion).

Where a tenant wishes to move to the same property type and size, within the same area with no priority, and it is considered the applicant is reasonably housed under the Allocations Policy, they may not be registered.


The draft Allocations Policy 2018, found at the bottom of this page, provides more detail for the above proposed changes. If you have any questions or comments to make, please email us: contactus@rykneldhomes.org.uk


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