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Smart Meters Information

Information about Smart Meters

Over the next few years every household in the UK will receive a smart meter. They are being installed, at no extra cost, to replace your existing traditional gas and electricity meter.

We have been given this information from the National Federation of ALMO's (NFA) to pass on to our customers.

Read the Smart Meter Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the smart meter rollout cost Great Britain?

Smart meters are an essential upgrade to a creaking system. The savings of nearly £17 billion will far outweigh the investments of almost £11 billion – meaning an overall saving of nearly £6 billion between now and 2030.

Nearly a half of the savings are savings that will be made by energy suppliers, which will be passed on to consumers. Around a third from energy efficiency and the rest are from savings to the networks. 

Government and Ofgem have made it clear that they expect savings to be passed onto customers. Ultimately smart meters will help consumers make informed choices about tariffs and change suppliers more easily, helping to drive an already increasingly competitive marketplace.  

Can I get a smart meter for free?

There is no extra cost for a smart meter or for the in-home display. You won’t have an extra charge on your bill because you choose to have a smart meter. The costs will be spread across everyone’s bills, just like the cost of running and maintaining today’s traditional meters.

Could a smart meter impact my health?

Public Health England sees no risk or dangers to health from smart meters. The smart meters used in Britain have undergone one of the most rigorous safety testing regimes and exceed every UK and EU safety standard.

What health and safety tests have been carried out on smart meters?

The smart meters used in Britain have undergone one of the most rigorous safety testing regimes in the world and exceed every UK and EU safety standard. Public Health England, the government's agency on public health, has said that exposure to radio waves from smart meters is well within guideline levels, and is many times lower than the exposure from Wi-Fi and mobile phones.

What about the fire risk from smart meters?

The smart meters used in Britain have undergone one of the most rigorous safety testing regimes in the world and exceed every UK and EU safety standard. The smart meter roll out will actually help improve safety as it will involve a visit to each customer’s home and the opportunity to check the safety of where and how the meter is installed.

How is my personal data kept safe when I have a smart meter?  

Your name, address and bank details are never stored on the meter, only the energy you use. And even this data is transmitted safely, using a dedicated and secure wireless network (not the internet).

Your energy supplier will use this information to prepare your bill. No third parties will be able to access your energy usage data without your consent. For example, you might want to share your information with price comparison sites in order to get the best deal, but you will need to give your consent for this. 

Switching functionality concerns

Claire Maugham, director of policy at Smart Energy GB: “Many people with smart meters can already be switched seamlessly. But at this stage in the national rollout some may find that if they switch supplier they temporarily lose some of their smart functionality and need to start sending in meter readings again in order to get an accurate bill. Once the national communications network is up and running, and existing meters are enrolled into it, they will be able to deliver the full range of functionality: accurate bills and visibility of what we’re spending in near real-time in pounds and pence.”

Can smart meters be fitted in flats?

Smart meters can be fitted in flats and many energy suppliers have been doing this seamlessly for a number of years. Each energy supplier is rolling out smart meters to their customers according to their own timelines which are dependent on a number of factors, including the area in which people live and the type of property.

Pensions Credits / Winter payments

The only outstanding NFA query is around pension’s credit and compatibility with smart meters. There is the winter fuel payment, winter warmth payment and then pension’s credit. The answer to this one depends on whether the payment is made to the homeowner or direct to the supplier. If paid to the energy supplier, it will be their responsibility to ensure that their software is able to reflect the payment so that the in-home display (IHD) gives an accurate reflection of what their bill will be. If paid to the homeowner, the IHD will show what they have to pay.


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