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Universal Credit

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a new benefit being introduced by the government and is currently being rolled out across the country. 

It replaces six means tested benefits and is designed to help people who are unemployed or on a low income. It affects people of working age.

We are currently in the live/gateway service for Universal Credit which means that there are a limited number of people who are currently eligible to claim Universal Credit in our area. 

As of 29th November 2017 some postcode areas of North East Derbyshire have moved onto the full service for Universal Credit. From July 2018 all the North East Derbyshire area will move onto the full service.

If you are currently claiming universal credit or think this may affect you in the future then you need to start preparing for the full service rollout. 

You need to be prepared for the change, below is some important information which can help you be ready for Universal Credit:  


What you need to do to prepare:

Get Online - Universal Credit is a fully digital service - this means that you have to claim online and your claim thereafter is managed online. If you are in receipt of Universal Credit full service please note you are responsible for reporting your rent changes using your online account.

Email Address - As a part of your Universal Credit claim you must have access to an email account as you will receive all of your claim correspondence through email.

Bank Account - You will need to have a transactional bank account / Building Society account / Credit Union account to receive your Universal Credit payments.

Budget Monthly - Your Universal Credit will be paid monthly in arrears; this means you will need to start to plan to budget monthly.


How do I pay my rent with Universal Credit?

Universal Credit replaces Housing Benefit, any housing costs that you are entitled to as part of your Universal Credit claim will be paid to you directly in your monthly payment. This means it is your responsibility to pay your rent directly to Rykneld Homes. You must inform the Rykneld Homes Customer Finance Officers that you have made a claim for Universal Credit, you can do this by calling us on 01246 217670.    


Advice and Help

If you need any help or advice about Universal Credit, Welfare Benefits, budgeting, or debts then we are here to help. We have a specialist Financial Inclusion Team that can offer assistance. For more information contact the team on 01246 217670.

We have included a list of helpful links here to give you more information about Universal Credit: 

Find out what Universal Credit Service is Available in Your Postcode Area by clicking on the following link https://universalcreditinfo.net/.

Further information is available on the Governments website.