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Health Benefits of Gardening

Published on: 21/06/2018


It's that time of year when everything starts to grow in the garden including grass and hedges.

To keep your garden looking its best they need to be kept in trim and not be allowed to get out of hand.  Keeping your garden neat and tidy not only makes it look better but is also a great way to keep fit and healthy.

Experts say you can burn up to 400 calories an hour by weeding and planting and 350 calories by mowing the grass.  Being outside in the fresh air can also make you feel better by reducing feelings of stress and depression.

Well kept gardens not only look nice for you, but also help to make neighbourhoods look friendly and welcoming.  We know how important clean and pleasant looking estates are to our customers and our Estate Caretakers work with communities to address any problems and help to keep communal garden areas clear.

Assisted Gardening from North East Derbyshire District Council

If you are a Council tenant and are not physically capable of maintaining your own garden and have no family in the area, you may be able to get assistance from the Council.  Assisted Garden Maintenance is only awarded to Rykneld Homes/Council tenants who don't have any friends or family within North East Derbyshire who can tend to their garden and who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have a terminal illness and live on your own;
  • Are older than 80 years of age and live on your own;
  • Have a severe physical impairment and live on your own;
  • Have a sever sensory impairment and live on your own;
  • Are supported by a carer from a recognised agency.


Each case is determined on its own merit and it may be necessary for the Council to visit to assess your application.

The service includes the Council carrying out the following:

  • Cut your grass 12 times a year between mid-March to mid-October;
  • Cut boundary hedges once during the autumn/winter period;
  • Treat vegetation along grass boundaries before the grass cutting season.


Council tenants can apply for the service by completing an application form found on the Council's website www.ne-derbyshire.gov.uk.

If you need help filling the form out or require any further information, please contact the Council's Grounds Maintenance Team on 01246 231111.  To request assistance filling out the form, or to request a copy of the form to be posted to you, you can fill in a general enquiry form on the Council's website.

Council tenants who are not entitled to receive a free assisted gardening service can receive the service if they pay a service charge.

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