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Hill Crest Avenue Wessington

Hill Crest Avenue, Wessington

Published on: 13/11/2017


We carried out another great project on a row of eight bungalows in Wessington which our inspectors found to have subsidence problems.

Hill Crest Avenue Wessington photograph

We worked with contractor Helifix, who carried out similar work on some of our properties in Ashover.

The contractor tackles the subsidence problems by drilling large ‘screws’ into the ground which the property then rest on top of in order to stabilise them and prevent any future subsidence problems. 

Helifix Image
Diagram of how the 'screws' support the building.



Using this method the contractors cause minimal disturbance to the residents during the process. This means that residents can stay in their home during the work if they wish to do so as all work takes place outside the property.

Following the repair work the garden was replanted and any paths were replaced to ensure that the area was left the same as when the work started.

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