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Holmewood Cooking Workshop

Holmewood Cooking Workshops

Published on: 17/11/2017


To encourage people to cook and eat healthy meals we ran an eight week cooking workshop in Holmewood!

The course was completely free and open to everyone, whether they were an experienced cook or an absolute beginner. The sessions were friendly and fun, and people had the chance to meet new people and learn tasty new recipes. We cooked together and ate together.

One of the attendees, Becci, said "I have gained confidence in how to cook more recipes and it's been really good to meet new people at these sessions. I never used to cook meals from scratch before coming to this workshop but now I've been cooking food for my family and it's gone down a storm!

I liked the shephards pie that we learnt to cook, there were ingredients in there that I don't normally eat but I still ate it and enjoyed it so it must have been good!

Holmewood Cooking Workshop Photograph

I also cooked a curry for my family following the recipe that I learnt at this session and that went down really well!

Now that this course has finished I will continue to cook from scratch. It's tastier and healthier and you know exactly what goes in your meal. It's also cheaper than buying the ready meals that I used to get from the supermarket."

If you would like more information please call the Community Involvement Team at Rykneld Homes on 01246 217670 or email get.involved@rykneldhomes.org.uk

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