Monitoring and Activation

Your Community Alarm is monitored 24 hours a day by Tunstall Healthcare. In the event that your alarm is activated and you are connected to the monitoring centre your personal details are available, this includes your address, telephone number and emergency contact information.

If you raise a call with the monitoring centre this will be changed by your phone provider. There is no call charge from Rykneld Homes or Tunstall Healthcare.

Please be aware that your alarm will not activate if you are on the phone. You will need to end your telephone call before pressing your alarm.

Background Monitoring

As part of the monitoring of your alarm unit, background monitoring is also carried out to check the machine status.

In the event that something is wrong, the Lifeline Vi will emit a status warning message through the speaker in your unit.

It will also report the issue to Rykneld Homes so that we can make any repairs should they be necessary.

If a fault is detected in your Lifeline Vi there are certain steps you can take yourself to overcome the problem. You might be able to carry out the following checks yourself. Please do not try this if you are unable to comfortably check the equipment. Just call Rykneld Homes and we can help.

STATUS WARNING MESSAGE - Warning - telephone line disconnected
ACTION - Check the Lifeline Vi is plugged into a telephone socket.

STATUS WARNING MESSAGE - Warning - there is no mains power
ACTION - Check the Lifeline Vi is plugged into an electrical socket.

STATUS WARNING MESSAGE - Warning - radio blocking detected
ACTION - Check that the Lifeline Vi is not close to any other electrical such as a computer, television, fan, mobile phone. If it is, turn off or move the equipment away from the unit and see if this stops the warning.

STATUS WARNING MESSAGE - Warning - battery low
ACTION - Check the Lifeline Vi is plugged into an electrical socket which is turned on.

STATUS WARNING MESSAGE - The mains power is restored
ACTION - You do not need to do anything as the power has been reconnected to the Lifeline Vi.

STATUS WARNING MESSAGE - Test reminder - please press personal trigger
ACTION - Press your personal alarm. Press the green cancel button to complete the test.

Please call us following a fault on 01246 217670 even if the fault has been rectified. If any part of your equipment becomes worn, please let us know.

Get in touch with our Community Alarm Service

Status Warning LEDs
  • To temporarily suspend a Status Warning message on your Lifeline Vi unit, press the green cancel button once - this will stop the message from sounding for a few minutes
  • To stop it sounding for longer, press the green cancel button twice in quick succession - this will silence the message until a time that something changes or the unit is reset by a member of the Rykneld Homes Community Alarm team.

Home/Away Button (Yellow)

ON - Away mode - you can press this if you are going out or going away. Don't forget to press it again when you return home.

OFF - Home mode

Status LED light (Green/Red)

Green - ON - normal mode
Red LED flashing (1 every 4 seconds) - Low battery
Red LED flashing (1 every second) - Telephone line disconnected
Red/Green flashing - Radio blocking detected

Alarm button (Red)

ON - normal mode
Flashing (1 every 4 seconds) - Normal mode running on battery
Flashing (1 every second) - Alarm mode

Power Failures

If you have a power cut to your home, or Lifeline Vi, your unit has a backup battery that will provide up to 40 hours battery life.

If your Lifeline Vi is not working but you have power to your property, please check it is turned on and fully plugged in at the wall. You will also need to check the power adaptor is connected to your Lifeline Vi.

Once power is restored, please test your pendant and Lifeline Vi by putting a test through to the monitoring centre.