When your pendant or fall detector is activated, it will connect to the unit using a radio frequency. Your Lifeline Vi connects to the monitoring centre through your phone line and the speaker allows the monitoring centre to communicate with you.

They will then be able to contact your appointed emergency contacts, or the emergency services if they are needed.

The monitored smoke alarm offers peace of mind to people who may not hear a standard smoke alarm in the event of a fire. The smoke alarm is monitored 24/7 365 days a year and in the event of your smoke alarm being activated, we would contact the emergency services.

Your Lifeline Vi will not work if you remove any of the cables from the back of your unit or turn this off at the plug socket.

What happens when you press your alarm

Your alarm unit will connect to the monitoring centre, which then allows you to communicate through the speaker contained in your alarm unit. You will be asked what type of help you need.

The centre will then get in touch with your appointed emergency contacts, if you have any, or call the emergency services if required.

In the event of an emergency the centre will call the emergency services first before contacting your appointed contacts.

Medical Information

We do not ask for medical information about you, however, if you have a condition that the emergency services would need to know about you can inform us so that we we update the Tunstall Monitoring System.

It is also useful to tell us if you have oxygen piped around your house or in cannisters as this is information we may need to pass onto the emergency services.

How we use the information you give us is included in your Service Agreement.