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Rechargeable Repairs

Sometimes we have to carry out repairs to a property where damage has been caused - either deliberately or through neglect - by a customer, their family, visitors or lodgers.

Under the Tenancy Agreement, we are entitled to charge the customer for the cost of the repair.

Typical examples include:

  • Putting right damage to a solid fuel heating appliance caused by neglect or misuse
  • Reinstating roof tiling damaged by your TV aerial contractors
  • Carrying out repairs and making good damage resulting from a burst where you have neglected to have the plumbing installation drained down before leaving the property unoccupied
  • Clearing the dwelling, its outbuildings or garden of belongings, waste or rubbish when you terminate your tenancy
  • Carrying out temporary works to make safe where alterations you have carried out to the property have rendered it unsafe
  • Reinstatement where you have carried out improvements but failed to comply with conditions imposed by Rykneld Homes when granting approval (e.g. at termination of tenancy you have removed fixtures which should have been left or left fixtures which should have been removed)
  • Clearing an overgrown garden
  • Cleaning or decorating the interior of the dwelling to restore it to a state which is acceptable to Rykneld Homes
  • Broken internal glazing or broken external glazing which has not been broken as a result of criminal or negligent acts of third parties, for which you can provide a police incident number
  • Wall and ceiling finishes we need to reinstate because you have applied additional finishes, such as plaster finished to look rustic in appearance, artex or similar material, polystyrene tiles or timber/plywood boarding.



Current and Former Tenants - Rechargeable Repairs could apply to current tenants with day to day repairs or to former tenants where the work is necessary to re-let an empty property due to their actions.

Pay for Replacements - You can pay for repairs or replacements yourself but they must be of a standard acceptable to us.

Out of Hours Repairs - Some tenants have been charged when staff have attended out of hours to carry out a repair, which was the tenant's responsibility.


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