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How to Guides

Something as simple as your pilot light going out could mean a wait without hot water or heating until we can get an operative to you.

We have provided some easy to follow instructions for some small repairs. Follow the step by step guide before you call the Contact Centre to report your repair and you may save yourself some time! We also have some video guides on our YouTube channel.

Please only follow these guides if you feel confident to do so.


How To... Guides

  • How to... Bleed a RadiatorFollow these simple step by step instructions to bleed your radiators.
  • How to... Reset a Trip SwitchFollow these simple step by step instructions to reset your trip switch.
  • 'How to' VideosWhether you want to know how to change a thermostat battery or how to bleed a radiator, check out our easy to follow video guides where our Operatives provide step by step instructions on a range of...
Logo for the Derbyshire County Council Trusted Trader service

Trusted Trader

Whether you want to improve your garden, decorate your home or perhaps a bigger improvement, you may need a little help to get the job done.

The Derbyshire Trusted Trader service can help you find honest and reliable traders to help you with those jobs you may not be able to do yourself.

You can find plumbers, builders, roofers, decorators, joiners, electricians, gardeners, retailers and many more.

You can search for the type of trader you are looking for and find one close to you. Visit the Derbyshire County Council website to use this service.