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Leaseholder Services

All flats sold by the Council under the Right to Buy Scheme are sold leasehold.

Leasehold means you will not own the flat outright as with a house, but you will buy the right to live in the flat for the period of the lease, normally 125 years.  You may sell the flat during this time but the Council will still own the building of which your flat is part and the land on which it is built.

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Neighbourhood Issues

As a leaseholder, you can follow the same procedures as a tenant for reporting neighbourhood issues such as serious noise problems and vandalism.

Our Housing & Support Officers can offer support to resolve neighbourhood issues.


All leaseholders are given a Leaseholder’s Handbook which contains useful information and contact details.

For more information contact the Home Ownership Officer by completing our online form, calling 01246 217670 or send an email to homeownership@rykneldhomes.org.uk.


Service Charges

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Pay your service charges using our online payments system.

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Find out about major and routine repairs to your home.

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Selling on & Letting

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The rules around selling on and letting your leasehold property.

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