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Photograph of an energy saving light bulb

10 Big Savers

  1. Turn your thermostat down by one degree – you could save around £60 per year
  2. If your freezer is not full, use rolled up newspaper to fill the space – you could save around £20 per year
  3. Shut your curtains and doors at dusk – you could save around £15-20 per year
  4. Turn lights off when you leave a room
  5. Don’t leave electrical equipment on standby, switch off your TV at the socket
  6. Use your washing machine and dryer at full capacity unless you have a half load function
  7. When boiling your kettle, only use as much water as you need
  8. Report dripping taps to our Repairs Team (especially hot water taps)
  9. Fit low energy lightbulbs and LEDs – you could save around £55 per bulb for its lifetime
  10. Take the free Home Energy Check from the Energy Saving Trust.


Get in touch if you have any energy saving tips you want to share – we may even use your ideas here!

If you want more information, please get in touch with the Rykneld Energy Savers on 01246 217670 or contact the Energy Saving Trust on freephone 0300 123 1234.


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