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Our Comfort Commitment


We want to do our best to help you stay comfortable, warm and happy in your home.

We have some ideas of how to help improve energy efficiency and save you money.  We would love to hear what you think so please read on to find out what we are intending to do and get in touch!

Photograph of a tenant resetting her boiler

Working to deliver efficient heating systems...
Efficient heating is essential, not just for your comfort but also to save money.  Replacing an old non condensing boiler can save around 60% on your heating bills.  We are currently working towards replacing all old boilers with modern, A Rated condensing units.


Fitting external doors and windows... We have been working throughout the district replacing wooden doors with new composite doors, which have the latest draught excluders fitted to them.  As a result of having new windows and doors fitted, you will save around £35 per year on your energy bills as well as other improvements, including better security.


To work with utility suppliers to connect properties to gas where possible... The National Grid are looking at connecting properties to the gas network where they currently do not have a gas supply.  We are also exploring installing innovative heating systems such as combined heat and power, to maximise the benefits to tenants and reduce fuel poverty.


To look into innovative heating systems where gas is not possible... Where a gas connection is not possible, we are exploring renewable heat technologies.  Please contact us for further information about this.


To look into insulating all properties (including solid wall) to maximise tenant comfort and save money... Insulation is essential for a warm and happy home.  We have been filling cavity walls and topping up loft insulation around the district over the last few years.  Not all properties can be insulated in this way.  Building on the success of this programme, we are working with a range of external partners to investigate ways of insulating hard to treat homes around the district.


Look to install heating controls to support any existing heating system and increase efficiency... Having an energy efficient boiler is crucial to save energy and money.  To maximise the effectiveness of these boilers, they must be used properly.  A boiler is not efficient when it is working unnecessarily.  We are looking into the benefits of fitting the latest room thermostats, timers and thermostatic radiator valves in homes to maximise boiler efficiency.

To ensure that staff visiting tenants' homes are trained and have access to energy saving information... We will be training staff visiting tenants to enable them to provide energy saving advice and money saving tips.  We also plan to hold energy events in the future.


To work with tenants to ensure that any upgrades are understood and used effectively... If you have any concerns or just want to chat about how you could save money on your energy bills, please contact us.

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