If you speak to us, we will:

  • Give you chance to tell us your side of the story
  • Investigate the complaint
  • Give you the opportunity to change your behaviour
  • Warn you of the consequences of continuing with your current behaviour
  • Help you to access support to address any problems you have which may be contributing to your behaviour

We work with other agencies including the Police and Social Services to help combat ASB throughout the District.  We may share your details with partner agencies.

If we have evidence that you are responsible for a serious incident or have continued to cause harassment or ASB after we have asked you not to, we may take legal action against you and evict you from your home.

The consequences of legal action can be serious

You might be:

  • Evicted from your home and stopped from obtaining another council tenancy
  • Banned from a specific area
  • Banned from associating with other named individuals

If you have any concerns about a complaint made against you, please contact the Community Sustainment Team using our online form, call us on 01246 217670 or email communitysustainment@rykneldhomes.org.uk.
On occasion, we are all guilty of making some noise such as doing DIY or having a party, but if it happens too often, it can become a problem. 

Consider your actions and how they could affect others living near to you.

To help avoid problems, you could try these simple steps to being a good neighbour:

  • Notify, or even invite, neighbours if you are going to have a party
  • Keep the bass on your stereo down
  • Encourage guests to arrive and leave quietly
  • Park cars considerately and encourage guests to do so
  • Ensure your pets are looked after so they are less likely to cause a nuisance while you are out
  • Make sure your house and car alarms are working properly
  • Be aware of different lifestyles, for example, if they have young children, quiet evenings will be important to them or if they work night shifts, quiet mornings will be important to them
  • Keep your garden tidy
  • Try to do noisier DIY jobs during the day when they will cause least disturbance

Also, a good neighbour should be reasonably tolerant and understanding of differences in lifestyles and cultures.  If a neighbour is causing a nuisance think to yourself – am I being reasonable?

Your neighbours may not realise that the noise they are creating can be heard by you and is causing a disturbance.  Try speaking to them in the first instance.

RHL Tenancy Agreement

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