• Let everyone know you are moving.  Your local Post Office can arrange for any mail to be sent to your new address.  Don't forget to inform your employer and bank
  • Arrange for your gas and electricity to be connected.  You will be asked to give your initial meter readings so have these ready when you call.  You will be given a number of payment options such as Direct Debit, quarterly bills or a pre-payment meter.  Having your gas and electricity through the same supplier can save you money, as can maintaining your account online.  Use an impartial price comparison website to ensure you get the best deal
  • Ring North East Derbyshire District Council on 01246 231111 to tell them your new address.  They will send you a Council Tax Bill
  • You can arrange contents insurance to protect your possessions.  We recommend you visit a price comparison website to find the best insurance cover for you
  • Register with a local doctor and dentist
  • If you have a television, you will need a TV Licence.  A colour TV Licence costs £159 but this can be paid monthly
  • Find out more information about the area you are living in such as details of your Housing Officer, dates of Estate Walkabouts and other information specific to the estate you live on.  Visit the 'Your Estate' section to find out more.

We hope you will be very happy in your new home!

RHL Tenancy Agreement 11275 Jul21

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