Legionella Pneumophila is the name of a bacteria that can be naturally present in your water supply at a level that will not cause you any harm.  However, if conditions are present that favour its growth and multiplication it can cause a type of Pneumonia known as Legionnaires disease.

It should be noted that in domestic properties the risk of Legionnaires Disease is considered to be very low and by following the guidelines on this page we can help you to reduce the risk further.

Water Supply to Your Home

Living within North East Derbyshire your mains water will be provided by either Severn Trent or Yorkshire Water.

The water company are responsible for the supply of clean, safe water.  This includes the maintenance of mains pipes and assets which are normally located in the road or footpath (to the controlling external stop tap).

Controlling the Risk

Legionnaires’ disease can be caught by breathing in tiny droplets of water containing bacteria that causes the infection.

It can be transmitted by the water systems below if they are not adequately cleaned and maintained:

  • Showers, taps and toilets
  • Water storage tanks
  • Air conditioning systems - not installed or maintained by Rykneld Homes
  • Spa pools and hot tubs - not installed or maintained by Rykneld Homes

Stagnant water stored between 20°C and 45°C allows the bacteria to multiply.

The bacteria does not multiply below 20°C or survive above 60°C. 

You cannot catch the disease from swallowing water, it must be inhaled into your lungs.

Water Hygiene Tips

  • Ensure all taps within your home are run regularly
  • Ensure all outside taps are run regularly
  • Ensure your shower head is cleaned and run on a regular basis
  • Keep all taps and shower heads free from limescale to prevent bacteria breeding
  • Regularly clean the shower head and replace it should it show evidence of limescale or damage
  • Allow Rykneld Homes to annually Service your boiler.

For more information and advice about water hygiene and safety in your home, please get in touch.

Water Hygiene In Your Home Leaflet

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