At Rykneld Homes we want our staff to be safe at work.

We believe they should be able to go about their work with customers free from abuse and injury or upset through acts of aggression and violence. 

The nature of the work undertaken by Rykneld Homes means staff are required to work with customers and members of the public who can be at times distressed, anxious, or angry. Such situations can lead to a risk of aggressive or violent behaviour towards our employees including staff in our Contact Centre.

Rykneld Homes will not tolerate any instances of work-related abuse or violence. This type of behaviour at work can have both physical and emotional consequences for the member of staff which may affect their health.

No employee should be subjected to any kind of violence, threats or abuse while undertaking their duties. Tenancy Enforcement Action will be taken against any customer who has been found to behave in this way and the incident reported to the Police. 

Rykneld Homes is committed to providing a legal framework and protocol to protect their workers and provide an environment in which employees are free of harm or harmful situations. 

No form of abuse is acceptable and our staff will report any behaviour of this kind.

Rykneld offers access to support when faced with verbal, physical or psychological abuse within a workplace setting.