It is important that the new plasterwork is allowed to dry out completely before you re-decorate. We advise customers not to apply wallpaper or paint for 6 months following re-plastering to avoid mould developing.

To help speed up the drying process you should:

  • Keep heating to a constant minimum level of around 17-19 °C
  • Open a window to ventilate any affected rooms
  • Keep furniture, especially leather, away from walls to help ventilation

When the walls are thoroughly dried apply two coats of 20% paint to 80% water to all plaster surfaces – this will prepare the new plasterwork for either wallpaper or paint.

We will finish our walls to paperable finish – but it could be worth your while to use backing paper before painting or fitting expensive decorative wallpaper. It is also best to avoid woodchip paper as this increases damp if the walls are not fully dried.

  • If you are stripping wallpaper, it is best not to use a hot air stripper as this could remove the plaster below. Just use a sponge, warm water and a scraper
  • If any plaster does come loose or falls off, carry on with the stripping and report it to us for an inspection. This will save time in the long run as we can do all the work in one go
  • As our walls are prepared to a wallpaper finish it could be advisable, if you wish to paint them, to use backing paper first or paintable wallpaper.