Before you carry out improvements or alterations to your home, such as replacing your kitchen or bathroom, you need to obtain written permission from us. 

Some work may even require Planning Permission or Building Regulations approval.  For more information, contact your Housing Officer.

Wall and Ceiling Finishes

There are some wall and ceiling finishes that customers may wish to apply in their home but permission would not normally be granted for them. They are: 

  • Plaster which has been finished to look rustic in appearance
  • Artex or similar material
  • Polystyrene tiles
  • Timber or plywood boarding

There are several reasons for this including increased fire risks and possible damage to the fabric of the building.

You should contact our Inspection Team before making any improvements to your home as you will need written permission from us.  We would be entitled to charge you the costs for removing these finishes and reinstating the smooth plaster finish.

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Trusted Trader

Whether you want to improve your garden, decorate your home or perhaps a bigger improvement, you may need a little help to get the job done.

The Derbyshire Trusted Trader service can help you find honest and reliable traders to help you with those jobs you may not be able to do yourself.

You can find plumbers, builders, roofers, decorators, joiners, electricians, gardeners, retailers and many more.

You can search for the type of trader you are looking for and find one close to you.  Visit the Derbyshire County Council website to use this service.

DIY Alterations - Electrical Safety

DIY can save money and bring a real sense of achievement. Unfortunately, it can be dangerous too. Every year around 70 people die and over 350,000 are seriously injured by electrical accidents in the home.

Electrical Safety First have conducted some research and found that there is a ‘generation gap’ when it comes to DIY, with under 35s undertaking DIY projects three times as often as over 35s. Nearly half of under 35s would consider attempting risky electrical DIY projects, when they should be leaving it to the experts.

When in doubt about electrical DIY, call a registered electrician. It could not only save you a lot of time and money in the long run, but could also avoid a serious electrical accident. If you cause damage to your home or electrics through DIY or improvements, you may have to pay to put it right.

To find out more visit the Electrical Safety First website.