Allowing Access to Your Home

Looking after and improving the homes we have and supporting the people who live in them is a key priority for us.

Our staff and contractors require access to your home for a range of reasons including:

  • Electrical Condition Reports
  • Gas Servicing and Safety Checks
  • Repairs
  • Damp and mould inspections and treatment
  • Fire safety works to communal flats.

We will send out a letter to inform you of when we intend to visit. If your appointment is not convenient, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible and we will be happy to rearrange this for you.

Failure to allow us access to carry out these essential inspections and works could be putting you, your family and your neighbours at serious risk.

Fire Safety works in communal flats is a statutory requirement to ensure the safety of all customers, visitors and agents attending the block of flats. We are required by law to carry out surveys and appropriate works.

Allowing access to your home is part of the terms and conditions of your Tenancy Agreement:

7.5 You must allow our staff, agents or contractors sent by us into your home at all reasonable hours for the purpose of inspecting the property or carrying out any works which we think are necessary. You should always ask to see official identification before letting anyone in. Our staff wear their identification which will be easily visible to you.

7.6 In an emergency we may need to get in immediately. In the event that access is denied, we may use reasonable force to gain entry to your home. If access is denied when inspection and repairs are needed, we may take legal action to enter your home, or you could be prosecuted for obstruction. Please note that you must give access for urgent safety work such as servicing gas appliances.