Here are a few simple things which you should do every night:

  • Unplug all electrical appliances not designed to stay on
  • Make sure no candles or cigarettes are still burning
  • Before emptying ashtrays make sure the contents are cold
  • Put a guard around open fires
  • Switch off portable heaters
  • Close the doors of unoccupied rooms
  • Ensure your escape routes are clear.

Other safety precautions you should take are:

  • Ensure everyone in your household is familiarised with the full alarm signal
  • Prepare and practice an escape plan
  • Think of a second route in case the first one is blocked
  • Test your smoke alarm every week.

Remember that a smoke alarm can give you and your family a few precious minutes of warning should a fire occur.

What to do if there is a fire in your home
  • Keep all doors and windows closed except for escape purposes
  • See that everyone gets out of the house
  • Do not waste time collecting valuable possessions. Your life is more valuable!
  • Call the Fire Service by dialling 999 from your mobile phone or use a neighbour's phone - make certain they get the correct address
  • Wait outside at a safe distance until the Fire Service arrives. Do not attempt to re-enter your home until you are told by a member of the Fire Service that it is safe to do so.
If you are unable to get out of your home
  • Choose a room that you can get to, preferably one facing the street
  • Close the door behind you
  • Block the foot of the door with blankets, clothes or other available material - this will prevent smoke entering the room
  • If you have a phone in the room, dial 999 and ask for the Fire Service
  • If you don't have a phone handy, open the window and shout for help
  • As a last resort, throw small soft things such as duvets or pillows out of the window and lower yourself onto them - don't jump.
Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Your home will have been fitted with a hard-wired fire alarm system. This will consist of a smoke alarms, a heat detector in the kitchen and a carbon Monoxide detector. We will inspect these annually during your annual gas safety inspection. If you don’t have a gas heated property other arrangements will be made to inspect and test 

Its also important that you also test your detectors. Press the button to test it once every week. If the alarm doesn’t work contact us arrange a repair.

Smoke alarms should be vacuumed about every six months to remove dust and insects which will reduce false alarms.

If you own your flat you are responsible for repairing or replacing the alarm if it is faulty so test it weekly to be sure. If you need advice please contact us on 01246 217670.

If a fire strikes, a prepared and practiced escape plan could prove vital. Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service can help you with this free of charge. Visit their website

Did you know...

  • You're twice as likely to die in a fire if you don't have a smoke alarm that works
  • 90 people die each year because the battery in their smoke alarm was flat or missing
  • Never disconnect a hard-wired smoke alarm
  • Make checking your smoke alarm part of your regular household routine
  • Test it by pressing the button until the alarm sounds.
Fire Safety in Flats

Rykneld Homes carries out Fire Risk Assessments on all common areas of blocks of flats it manages on behalf of NEDDC. These identify what we need to do to prevent fires and keep people safe.

All our flats operate a 'stay put' (or 'delayed evacuation') policy.  This is as follows:

  • If there if there is a fire in your property you should leave the property and call the fire service.
  • If the fire is not in your property you should remain in your flat unless advised to leave by the fire service or you feel at risk. Each flat is designed to hold back a fire for up to one hour where it will have been dealt with by the fire service or burned out.
  • Do not leave litter, bikes, pushchairs or other items in the common areas of flats
  • If you are a Leaseholder and live in a block of flats and decide to replace your front door then you must replace the whole door set with a door set that provides 30 minutes fire resistance and fitted with cold smoke seals and a self-closing device. This is to protect the means of escape from the building.
    Rykneld Homes' customers will have their front flat doors inspected annually to check their condition so please allow access for these checks when contacted.
Mobility Scooters

Rykneld Homes is committed to promoting equalities and recognises that our customers should have a quality of life which allows them to maintain and maximise independent living. Therefore we understand the value that a mobility scooter can bring to the lives of some customers.

View the Mobility Scooter Policy.

Silent Killer Leaflet

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