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Delays and Problems with the Sale

Delays are sometimes unavoidable when making a large purchase such as buying a home.  There are steps in place to ensure delays are kept to a minimum. 

Notice of Delay

If you do not receive the Formal Notice or Offer Notice from Rykneld Homes, on behalf of the Council, within the set time limits, you can complete a Notice of Delay.  This gives the Council a further month to issue the appropriate notice to you.

If you do not receive a response within that month, you can submit an Operative Notice of Delay.  In some circumstances, you may be entitled to a rent deduction from the purchase price.

The tenant also has time limits.  You have 12 weeks to respond to the Offer Notice.  If no response is received, you will be sent a reminder notice giving you a further four weeks to reply.  If we still do not hear from you, your Right to Buy will be cancelled.

Notice to Complete

If you accept the price, you will need to complete the sale within a reasonable time.  If you do not, the Council may issue a ‘Notice to Complete’, giving you a further eight weeks in which to respond or complete.  If no response is received in this time, the Council will issue a ‘Second Notice to Complete’, giving you a final eight weeks to respond or complete.  If no response is received, your Right to Buy will be cancelled.


For more information or to request a Right to Buy information pack, you can contact the Home Ownership Officer by completing our online form, calling 01246 217670 or emailing to homeownership@rykneldhomes.org.uk.


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