No matter your age, the current economic climate can affect us all.  It is important you have a good knowledge of your income and outgoings to allow you to plan ahead for a secure financial future.

Pensions - you may have concerns that you cannot afford to retire or you’re not sure what you are entitled to claim.  Age Concern UK provides a Pension Calculator to help you plan ahead for retirement.

Benefits - there are a range of benefits you may be entitled to claim including help with rent and Council Tax.  Over £5million of means-tested benefits go unclaimed each year by older people – make sure you’re not missing out on what you are entitled to.  Age Concern UK provides a Benefits Calculator, which is anonymous and confidential but helps you work out how much you could claim.

Budgeting - you can make your money go further by looking for the best deals on what you buy, ensuring you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to and using concessions available to you.  By using your money effectively, you may be left with more money left over for the things you want to do.  View the Making your Money go Further information from Age UK, which offers practical tips for keeping costs down.

Savings - it is important you take care of your savings and ensure they are earning a good rate of return for you.  Shop around to find the best interest rate and ensure it is reviewed regularly.  Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) can offer a higher rate of interest which is free of tax.  View the Money Matters information from Age UK, which offers a practical guide to your everyday money.

Debt - debt can start mounting up due to a drop in income or a change in circumstances due to bereavement or illness for example.  It is nothing to be ashamed of and it is important you speak to us if you have any problems paying your rent.  We can offer support to help manage your finances and also signpost you to other agencies who can offer free and impartial debt management advice.  View the Debt Advice from Age UK, which gives steps you can take to regain control of your finances and get back to a debt-free life.