Beware of debt consolidation companies with names that sound like debt charities but are actually commercial businesses.  Never ever pay for services from this type of company and do not give your personal details to companies who cold call you.

Free impartial help and advice

Here are some places where you can obtain genuine free, independent and confidential help:

Citizen's Advice North East Derbyshire - offering free independent and confidential advice.
Telephone: 0808 250 5702

Derbyshire Law Centre
Telephone: 01246 550674 / 0800 707 6990
You can also text Derbyshire Law Centre on 07781 482826 or email them

Money Helper - free, unbiased and independent money advice including a financial health check, pension options and budget planner
Telephone: 0800 011 3797

National Debtline - providing free, confidential and independent advice for people with debt problems.
Telephone: 0808 808 4000

Payplan - free debt advice and free debt management
Telephone: 0800 280 8216

Shelter - a housing charity offering confidential advice on a range of financial issues.
Telephone: 0808 800 4444

StepChange Debt Charity - a registered charity providing free advice on problem debt.
Telephone: 0800 138 1111

Be a savvy saver

By planning early you can avoid taking out expensive loans to cover the cost of big purchases.  You can start putting money aside for big events such as Christmas, to give you more time to save!

Credit Unions are not for profit, Financial Co-operatives run by their members and offer safe savings and loans.

Visit the Chesterfield & North East Derbyshire Credit Union website.

You can save as much or as little as you want as often as you want and can then draw out your savings and spend the cash wherever you want. Any savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Please note, Credit Unions also provide free life insurance (conditions apply).

Visit the Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Credit Union website, telephone 01246 278833 or email

Help to Save

Help to Save is a type of savings account allowing certain people entitled to Working Tax Credit or receiving Universal Credit to get a bonus of 50p for every £1 they save over 4 years.

Help to Save is backed by the government so all savings in the scheme are secure.

How payments work

You can save between £1 and £50 each calendar month. You do not have to pay money in every month.

You can pay money into your Help to Save account by debit card, standing order or bank transfer.

You can pay in as many times as you like, but the most you can pay in each calendar month is £50. For example, if you have saved £50 by 8 January you will not be able to pay in again until 1 February.

You can only withdraw money from your Help to Save account to your bank account.

For more information please visit the website:

GOV.UK Help to Save

Basic Bank Accounts

A basic bank account is a straightforward, no frills account that allows you to receive money and pay bills, but does not have an overdraft facility or cheque book.

It is an account designed for customers who are unable to open a current account due to poor credit rating or just because they want a simpler way to manage their money.

The Money Advice Service also offer free advice about the fee-free basic bank accounts that were launched in January 2016:

Money Helper website
Fee-Free Basic Bank Accounts

GamCHAT - Counselling, Help, Advice and Training

  • Do you know someone who has a problem with gambling?
  • Are you concerned about them?
  • Are you also affected?
There are many forms of gambling and it is not only the person with the gambling problem that is affected.  If you are affected by someone else's gambling, book a place on a FREE GamCHAT short interactive training session.  They also provide information about the additional support available including the free accredited counselling service.  For further information or to book a place contact the GamCHAT team on 07506 692873 or  For bookings and more information visit the DAAS website.