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    Joint to Sole

    Factors to be considered when applying to Sole to Joint

    If you are considering making changes to your tenancy by changing from a joint to a sole tenancy or a sole to a joint tenancy, please read our 'Changes to your Tenancy' leaflet.

    The information in this leaflet is for general guidance on your rights and responsibilities and is not legal advice. If you need more details on your rights or legal advice about what action to take, please contact the Law Centre, Citizens Advice or a Solicitor.

    A joint to sole tenancy is the process where a joint tenant is removed from a tenancy and the property places (vests) in the remaining tenant.

    This can be done by Court Order. Where there is no Court Order the joint to sole process can only be achieved by ending the existing joint tenancy and starting a new sole tenancy. The Council is not obliged to allow a joint to sole arrangement (unless there is a Court Order) but may do so at its discretion. The onus is on you, as joint tenants, to resolve any issues relating to who is to request the tenancy before approaching the Council.

Changes To Your Tenancy Joint To Sole Leaflet

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Useful Contacts

Derbyshire Law Centre
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Citizens Advice
Tel: 0808 250 5702
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