Have you ever thought about moving to somewhere smaller and easier to manage?

It could be you are struggling to use the stairs, finding it difficult to carry out daily tasks or maintain the garden. Perhaps it is a long way from the nearest shops or bus route.

We know many people find the thought of moving overwhelming but we will work with you and support you to find a property which will meet your long-term housing needs.

Depending on your circumstances Rykneld can offer practical support - so why not give us a call and chat to a member of our Choice Move team on 01246 217670.

We have a dedicated team who work with customers and can offer the practical support throughout the move. We can support any Rykneld customer, by identifying the options available and helping to register a housing application.

Depending on your circumstances we can also support people to move if they have been assessed as needing a major adaptation, but their current home is not suitable.

Here are what some of our customers had to say about their decision to down-size.

What our customers say

One couple we helped, moved from a 3-bedroomed house in Clay Cross to a 2-bedroomed bungalows in North Wingfield.

"For various reasons we decided the time was right to move, the children had grown up and moved out and there were health considerations as well," said Gary.

"Moving to a new house is quite a daunting thing, but we received fantastic support from the Rykneld team. They helped us to fill out forms and let us know when a suitable bungalow became available."

"They also offered us completed support to make the move, it was absolutely fantastic. Taking the stress out of the move was such a relief for us."

Added June: "I definitely don't miss the stairs at the other house! Living in the bungalow is so much easier for me. If we had not had support to move, we would have struggled. Everyone was so helpful, and we are very grateful for what Rykneld has done for us."

We could not be happier

Another couple we helped, who are in their 60s, were finding their 3-bedroomed property a struggle as they got older. They contacted us for help to find them a suitable home.

They now live in a 2-bedroomed bungalow in Holmgate and wished they had made the move a lot earlier.

"We could not be happier if we had won the lottery. I just wished we had made the move before.

"When we first decided to move somewhere smaller, we wondered if we had done the right thing but the support we received from Rykneld Homes has been fantastic."