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Condensation and Mould

All reports are investigated by our team of building surveyors as there are different types of dampness that could affect a home and they all need to be treated differently. 

Our surveyors will assess the case and can recommend measures to address any problems found. To offer support we have put in place a set of procedures for dealing with damp or mould issues and updated our information leaflet. This sets out what measures we can take to help and the steps you can take to prevent damp, mould and condensation occurring.

As part of our inspection process, we undertake to ensure:

  • Customers are informed about the inspection process
  • We will share the outcome of any survey findings
  • Customers are clear about the steps we will take to address any problems. 


Dampness can be caused by water leaking into areas such as walls and roofs, or by defective pipework. Our building surveyors can identify where this is the case and put forward a programme of repairs to rectify any issues. Additional measures could include loft insulation, passive air vents, extractor fans and PIV’s (Positive Input Ventilation).

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