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Anti Social Behaviour

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Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) can be anything from low level persistent nuisance to serious violence and other criminal behaviour. 

Although people tend to focus on the more serious types, any ASB could impact negatively on people’s lives in and around their community.

We know the majority of people act responsibly, take pride in their homes and communities and respect their neighbours.  Unfortunately, there are some people who cause misery, fear and distress by acting anti-socially or harassing other people.

We take complaints seriously and will support people through what can be a worrying and stressful experience.

Your Responsibilities

As a customer, you are responsible for the behaviour of all visitors and members of your household.

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ASB can be caused by a noisy party, a group of people shouting or graffiti.  Even pets and animals can cause a nuisance by barking constantly or late at night or running around a neighbour’s garden.

What can you do?

Rykneld Homes works in partnership with agencies such as the Police and North East Derbyshire’s Community Safety Partnership in order to reduce and prevent crime, Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and relieve community tensions.

We rely on people reporting instances of ASB so we can take appropriate action to alleviate any alarm, harassment or distress being caused in our communities.


We encourage all residents to report acts of criminality and ASB to the Police. This can be done anonymously if you prefer. You can contact the Police by phoning either 999 or 101 for less serious incidents.

Community Safety Partnership

The Community Safety Partnership is able to offer support to communities affected by ASB problems and can be contacted through the Council’s Contact Centre on 01246 231111 or email faye.green@ne-derbyshire.gov.uk. Information about the partnership, and how it can help tackle ASB issues is also available on the Council’s website at www.ne-derbyshire.gov.uk.

The Community Safety Partnership works with other organisations to develop and implement strategies to protect their local communities from crime and to help people feel safe. They work out local approaches to deal with issues including anti-social behaviour, drug or alcohol misuse and re-offending as well as crime and disorder. They also work with others who have a key role, including community groups, schools and registered local landlords.

Rykneld Homes

Anti-Social Behaviour can also be reported to Rykneld Homes directly during office hours. Callers should call our Contact Centre on 01246 217670 and ask to speak to a member of the Community Sustainment Team. You can also email: communitysustainment@rykneldhomes.org.uk or complete our online form.

The Rykneld Homes website also provides information about how we tackle reports of ASB.





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