Our Operational Group Board is made up of both Rykneld customers and members of the local community.

Meet the Operation Group Board

Putting customers at the heart of our service delivery has always been a top priority for us.

Our award-winning tenant involvement work has helped us to achieve excellent satisfaction ratings for the services we provide, and we are always looking for new ways to ensure the customer voice continues to be heard when developing our services.

The group is welcome and friendly, and no previous experience or involvement is required.  The group meets on a quarterly basis (every three months) and meetings can either be attended face to face or joined remotely – whichever suits you best.

The Operational Group Board are responsible for looking at the performance and policies of Rykneld Homes. Their findings are reported to the main Board and are an important part of helping us to maintain high standards.

Members receive a financial allowance for their work.

The role of the Operational Group Board includes:

  • Helping to establish our performance standards
  • Acting as a “critical friend” on behalf of customers and residents, providing advice to Rykneld Homes and its Main Board, in relation to its Housing Service delivery and reviewing policies and strategies
  • Looking at customer satisfaction levels
  • Ensuring customers are consulted before major changes to housing services are introduced.

We are looking to recruit from both Rykneld customers and residents living in the area with an interest in housing and community issues.

If you would like to know more about becoming an Operational Board member and our selection process, please contact our Community Involvement Team using our online form or email get.involved@rykneldhomes.org.uk.