How to Start:

  • Unplug all appliances
  • Open the cover on the ‘consumer unit’ to expose the trip switches
  • Check which switches have tripped to the ‘OFF’ position
  • Push these switches back to the ‘ON’ position
  • Reset the main R.C.D. trip in accordance with the R.C.D. test instruction label – you will either have to push the switch up or push the switch down and then up in quick succession
  • Plug appliances back in one at a time to check if one of them is faulty and causing the switch to trip
  • Replace the cover

If this didn’t work…

If the R.C.D. continues to trip, switch off all the circuit breakers, switch the R.C.D. back on and the return power to each of the circuit breakers to identify which circuit the fault is on.

Report the fault to us and we will arrange for an inspection from an Electrician.

Report a Repair