Leaseholder’s main obligations

  • Pay all the ground rent and service charges due under the terms of your lease for annual services, repairs, improvement, etc.
  • Keep your home in good repair and in a clean and orderly condition.
  • Allow the Council or Rykneld Homes’ workmen access to your home on reasonable notice or in an emergency.
  • Have your fuel appliances serviced annually.  If you are subletting your flat with the prior written consent of the Council, you must provide a Gas Safety Certificate.  If your lease requires you to do so, you will also need to check your mortgage agreement for any conditions that may apply.
  • Notify the Council’s Legal Section of any transfer or assignment (including if you are subletting) immediately in order to obtain any relevant consents beforehand and to pay the appropriate fee.
  • Make sure that you keep to the responsibilities in your lease and do not break any of the specified agreements.
  • Keep all internal communal areas (hall and stairways) clear.  No items should be stored or placed in these areas at all times.
  • Keep all external communal areas tidy and free from any rubbish.

Rykneld Homes’ main obligations

  • Maintain and repair the structure and exterior of the building including external decorations, windows and doors (but you will have to pay a proportion of the cost).
  • Maintain and repair all communal areas both internally and externally including decorations, individual flat doors, shared doors, communal doors, etc (but you will have to pay a proportion of the cost).
  • Consult with you concerning certain repairs and maintenance.
  • Provide any services set out in the lease.
  • Provide you with a breakdown of the costs in your annual service charge bill.  You have a right to challenge charges or standards of workmanship if you think they are unreasonable.

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Leaseholder Handbook May 2019

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