You can report a repair in the same way as a tenant for repairs to the communal external areas of your flat.

Report a Repair

Major Repairs and Improvements

As well as routine repairs, we carry out major works on a planned basis.  For example, a whole estate may have replacement windows fitted when they are old and many require renewing.

Depending on the costs of this type of contract, we may consult with leaseholders in advance about the work to be undertaken.  We will write to you in these cases and let you know the work that is considered necessary and if a contractor is appointed, you will have the opportunity to nominate an alternative (conditions apply).

You will be kept informed and consulted through the process.

No alternations to the structure of your flat should be made without Rykneld’s agreement.  This is due to some work affecting the structural stability or overall appearance of the building.  Please be aware that you are still liable for work carried out to the whole block.

We will consult with you if your apportionment for any major works or repairs equates to £250 or more.

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