For safety purposes, the gas supply to all empty properties is capped off.

To get your gas reconnected, please follow the following steps:

  • If a gas meter is already installed, contact British Gas on 0800 048 0303 to transfer the account into your name
  • If there is not a gas meter already installed and one is required, you do not need permission from Rykneld Homes to install one.  Contact British Gas on 0800 048 0202 or visit or your chosen supplier and arrange for one to be installed.  Gas meters belong to the company installing them and not the council.  The gas supplier may want proof that you are the new tenant.  A copy of your Tenancy Agreement is the best proof
  • You need to identify what type of meter you have.  It will either be a quarterly, quantum (card) or slot meter.  If you have a quantum meter, there must be at least £4.00 credit on the meter or the supply cannot be tested or reconnected.  Gas credit can be bought from British Gas agents where you see the Gas Card sign (a list of agents is available on the British Gas website)
  • There must be an electricity supply for the gas boiler to be lit (commissioned)
  • Once you have credit on both your gas and electricity, you should contact our repairs line to request for the gas supply to be uncapped.  An engineer should be able to attend the next working day.